Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So about a month ago we got a new web-cam for the computer.


It is the funniest thing ever! Who care that you can actually do something productive on it. (I mean really, who uses Skype anyways) At first I thought I would just play around with it. Just to make sure it was safe for everyone else, of course. I'm very safety conscious :)

So double part and all, I braved the web cam again, 
and again,

and it turns out it's kinda addicting. LOL

So, only because I had deemed the camera safe for "normal" people use I made my Mom (Charlotte) and Brother (Joshua) get in on the fun.

Josh of course had to be the guinea pig . . . (what else are brothers for)

Mom's turn!




And just for the heck of it we got my niece (Trista) to play along


These pictures may not have been quite as funny to you as they were or still are to us. However, this is why I started this blog; to show you a little bit about my life. This is it! I have the best family anyone could ever ask for! 
I'll be sure to post some pictures soon of what each of us really look like but for now this is us - alien head, big eyes, big lips, twins, stupid, funny us! : D

Thanks for reading and laughing!

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