Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ok so I guess I'm very behind the times or something. I've been using Photoshop for a while (well, actually I have Photoshop Elements) but I keep finding new and fun things to do with it.

My latest discovery . . . . . . . Actions!
They make life so much easier! Just one click and you've added some great layers to your picture. How cool is that!?! Check out what I've been doing for the last two hours!

*No it did not take two hours to edit this photo, but I was adding the actions to PSE and generally playing around with different effects and pictures and there may have been some facebooking in there somewhere :)

Original Photo -

Edit #1 - 

Edit #2 - 

Both edits were done using free actions from Isabelle Lafrance Photography and Pure Photoshop Actions

I know they aren't the best editing jobs ever but I think they look pretty cool. :D

See ya'll

Friday, December 10, 2010

As Promised . . . . . . .

So I got a call on Weds. afternoon from my neighbors son-in-law wanting a cake for his wife's birthday party on FRIDAY! Yeah that's right, two days notice.Thankfully it wasn't a huge cake so it was very do-able.
I was told she likes Pink and Green & she wanted a two layer Topsy Turvy cake. This is what I ended up with . . . . .

I really like how it turned out :D

Of course it's not perfect but that's ok. Every time I decorate a cake I learn something new.
So the next one will be better :)

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you next time :)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Apologies! :(

Sorry I haven't posted ANYTHING lately. It's been kinda crazy around here. Last week my sis-in-law and niece were on our 4 wheeler and accidently  flipped it on it's side. Thankfully both of them were ok but we did have to spend almost the entire day in the ER to find that out. Anglea, my sis-in-law, got some road rash on her arm, shoulder & head. My poor niece, Trista, had road rash on her side, her elbow and a little bit on her face :(.

Then the very next day my nephew Corbin was playing outside on his scooter and fell off. I thought it was just another scrape that he gets because he's a boy. Well, come to find out he fractured he radius! So because this happened on a Friday, he had to go thru the whole weekend in a sling. He wasn't happy cause he couldn't really do anything. But on Monday he finally got his cast.

So needless to say, it's been kinda crazy around here! lol

So back to the good stuff - I got to finally make some decorated cookies for a Ladies Christmas Party at church last night! Soooo excited about how they came out!

Yes I watch TV while I decorate lol

Badly lit phone pictures sorry :(

And . . . . coming up this weekend I'm making a birthday cake for a friend so I should have pics coming soon :) I LOVE that I get to make cookies and cakes all the time and get paid for it! hehe